When you use the Indigenous Digital Archive, these will all just be things under the hood, making things work smoothly and making the information last. But in putting together the project and looking to make sure it has longevity, we're so excited at what's been opened up by incorporating the international standards of Open Annotation and the International Image Interoperability Format (IIIF). This will keep the content - including the annotations you create to add meaning and make things more usable - in a system that allows us to migrate forward when we need to and not get stuck inside a custom built application. In May Indigenous Digital Archive project director and digital archives specialist Dr. Anna Naruta-Moya joined colleagues from Stanford University, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and the National Library of Wales who presented at the National Gallery of Art in DC on how they're using these international standards to create projects and interfaces both good for the user experience and good for digital preservation. video | @AnnaNaruta info@native-docs.org